Monday, 11 January 2016

Release Date

There's been some major things happening in my life and it's forced me to set back any plans for Warfleet for at least eight months. Can't go into details, but basically - I'm set on a release date.

September 19th 2016

That's it, that's the launch date.

Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Taking pictures

If I ever want to release this, I need to take pictures and I need some video for a trailer. Can't just expect people to buy the game on screenshots alone, right?

Playing through the game, taking screenshots normally just wasn't doing it - so I made a few interface shortcuts that allow you to pause the game, detach the camera and hide the UI. Let's call it Photo Mode. It really helps in showing off the game, and it's obviously available to players as well.

Warping from sector to sector
So cinematic
So comfy
Warping from solar system to solar system
As usual, bugfixing. Had to rewrite the way fleets are positioned in sectors - turns out you can't just assign a transform, use it to place objects and delete it on the same frame. Also turns out you can't just have saved files anywhere, so now they're stored in My Documents along with screenshots.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Impact Damage

Ship's masses change so much, it was getting pretty difficult to have a statistic on projectiles that appropriately communicated impact - the force of a projectile hitting your ship. Simply adding a force wasn't enough - small ships would reach ridiculous speeds while large ones would quickly not receive any. I also wanted stats to be as separated from looks as possible.

So now impact damage is reduced based on your ship's category. This means larger ship categories might be completely immune to the impact of small weapons. Impact also decreases global control of your ship which slowly comes back - reducing your turn rate and drag control. Ships receive the force, start moving and will have a bit of trouble controlling themselves after an impact.

Since categories are so important now (they determine basic movement capabilities), there's a little helper bar to show you how far you are from reaching the next category.

Finals are over, too!

Thursday, 17 December 2015

Writing on your ship

Unity's new UI is fantastic for creating interfaces, but it turns out it's also very useful for general text in 3D space. It only took a few hours but I have surface text on blocks, so you can write the name of your ship or anything really anywhere on a block.

Writing the name of the ship
It even supports rich text so you can change the color!
Just another fun little feature for personalizing your ship. It supports regular rectangular blocks and normal slopes (so no corners).

Finals are almost over, so these little bits and a lot of tweaking are the most I can do at the moment.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

Asteroid fields and ship wrecks

Some battles are heavier than others - they will leave wreckage that a player can salvage. Of course, you have to get there before any other scavenger. Ship wrecks are based on the ships made by players.

I also made some improvements to the asteroid layouts - asteroids close together will have smaller asteroids in between them. Basically there's more asteroids and they're placed in a more artistic way in the sector.

Other upgrades this week are to ship damage effects - not done yet, but with Unity 5.3 I can do some more interesting effects on ships and other meshes.

Friday, 4 December 2015

New Shield Effect and World Map

Decided to put some time into a real shield impact effect, and here's the result.

Also made the world map a bit more pleasant to use. Definitely feels at least a little prettier too.
When in local sector mode...

... and when in world map mode.

Sunday, 29 November 2015

General Update - Graphics, Bugfixes, Tutorial

This is a busy time, with lots of university projects and exams coming up followed by a move to California in January, so there are my excuses for updates.

That said, I did finally make the switch to Unity's deffered rendering - it allows me to use HDR and get some proper post-processing effects. It also means I simplified all the layers and simplified the whole process. I get fancy distortion effects in return as well.

I also took a lot more time than usual to playtest the game and managed to fix a lot of bugs, including a whole rewrite of the music system. I still need a major sound pass (something I know very little about) to make it all more satisfying.

The new lighting in action, along with a much easier to follow tutorial.
Ship physics have been slightly reworked so that ramming is a more effective tactic and "grinding" damage has been reduced. You'll need to really charge your enemy to attack them, and you'll probably need to disable their engine core to slow them down and do it. Ship speed is also detached from the number of engines you have, so your ship's visual design is no longer tied to stats. It makes movement more predictable.